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More than 30 years in business. Over 200 legal recruiting professionals worldwide.

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Excellence in Legal Recruiting

No other legal recruiting firm can equal the shared amount of experience and resources that are leveraged by MLA legal recruiters every day. The robust legal network and relationships that each legal recruiter has built over the past 30 years has created an unparalleled database of knowledge and expertise that are unmatched in the industry.

Major, Lindsey & Africa excels in creating matches with specific firms and companies where the outstanding lawyers we place will grow and thrive, adding tremendous value to both their careers and the organizations that profit from their strengths.

Beyond matching the best candidates with the right opportunities, legal recruiters at Major, Lindsey & Africa bring a wealth of resources, knowledge, experience, understanding, insight, judgment and advice to the search process. This unique mix of qualities – and the fact that most of our legal recruiters are lawyers themselves – is why MLA has remained the acknowledged leader in legal recruiting since 1982.

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