Law Firm Expansion and International Legal Recruiting

No other legal recruiting firm can match MLA's experience and expertise in helping law firms expand into new markets. Our unique approach to law firm expansion has helped clients build successful law offices around the world. Each project is different, from consulting and market research, to international legal recruiting, to the much more involved logistical planning and execution required when opening a new law office in the US or internationally.

MLA's Global Advantage in Law Firm Expansion

Our intimate knowledge of international legal recruiting, especially in the US, European, Middle Eastern, African, and Asian legal markets, together with recruiting in Latin America and Russia/CIS, uniquely position us to help our law firm clients evaluate legal expansion opportunities in any part of the world.

Taking a Local Approach to International Law Firm Expansion

We have opened offices for law firms in most major US cities and in London, Brussels, Dubai, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore and Caracas. Our unique combination of experience, expertise and geographic reach has established MLA as the leader in law firm expansion and the first choice and premier partner for any law firm looking to expand globally.

By sharing our local market expertise with clients we help them to align their management systems to local market practices. This is particularly important in the areas of human resources, marketing and compensation. Where appropriate, we connect our clients with lawyers, accountants, real estate agents, bankers, marketing and HR professionals to help them to set up operations in a new market.

Contact John Cashman Partner and VP of Law Firm Recruiting for more information or to find out how MLA can help with your law firm expansion or international legal recruiting.