Law Firm Recruiting Practice

At Major, Lindsey & Africa, our law firm recruiters don't just specialize in placing outstanding lawyers and legal professionals. We specialize in customizing solutions to meet the complex career aspirations of our candidates and the evolving staffing and recruiting needs of the world's best law firms.

Our firm excels in creating matches with the particular firms where each of these outstanding lawyers and legal professionals will grow and thrive, adding tremendous value to both their careers and the partnerships that profit from their strengths.

Niche Recruiters in All Areas of Law Firm Recruitment

Each of our law firm recruiters offer highly-personalized, lifetime service in at least one of these areas of legal search:

  • Associate Recruitment: MLA's associate recruiters serve as career counselors for many of the world's top associates, helping to guide them through the key stages of a successful legal career.
  • Partner Recruitment: Partner recruiting is a delicate process that requires the kind of expertise that only MLA's specialized partner recruiters can provide.
  • Law Firm Management Recruitment: MLA is well positioned to provide niche law firm recruiting for non-legal senior positions in marketing, finance, HR, administration, or IT.
  • Law Firm Expansion and New Market Entry: MLA's vast legal recruiting network gives MLA an advantage in law firm expansion and new market entry.

The Advantages of an MLA Law Firm Recruiter

  • Recruiting Beyond the Book: MLA's law firm recruiters have a reputation for placing candidates who possess qualities that don't always reveal themselves in CVs; such as leadership, insight, courage, integrity, creativity, and emotional intelligence. These are the attributes that mean the difference between a successful match and an extraordinarily rewarding personal and professional synergy.
  • Different Specialties in One Law Firm Recruiting Team: The Law Firm Recruiting Practice Group is a unique group of individual practice areas that work together to provide the most thorough and comprehensive solutions to law firms, lawyers and legal professionals. We are a team composed of unique practice groups from the largest and most effective legal recruiting company in the world.
  • The Most Extensive Global Database: The Law Firm Recruiting Practice Group serves clients and candidates from more than 20 US and international offices using the industry's most extensive database. They are able to provide truly global capabilities, in-depth market knowledge, an unparalleled understanding of local trends, and access to the most-qualified lawyers and legal professionals around the world.
  • Contact an MLA law firm recruiter today to find out more about MLA's diverse law firm recruitment and attorney search services.