Happy Holidays! Pass The Cranberries

The holiday season rings with tradition, no matter what you celebrate. You can ask anyone and they'll have a story to tell about caroling or skiing or ornament making or simply laughing with their family and friends. Our Major, Lindsey & Africa family is no different, full of stories and happy tales to tell about their fondest holiday memories with family, friends and food.

And around Major, Lindsey & Africa, we LOVE to eat.

So what foods are synonymous with the holidays for us? Here are some of our favorite traditions that start (and end) with food:

"We always cook Nigella's Ham in Cherry Cola for every Christmas Eve, so we can have an open house and family/friends can pop in to eat good food and be festive."

"We have egg and sausage casserole on Christmas morning, which my wife has made every year for 30+ years."

"We always went to the movies and Nathan's for hot dogs on Christmas day because everything else was closed."

"Our tradition is a Christmhaas morning breakfast spread of pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon, etc., where everyone in the family takes part in cooking/eating."

"Because we are Jewish, on Christmas, we eat Chinese food and go see a movie."

"We always have chorizo and eggs for Christmas breakfast."

"On Christmas Eve, my mom, brother and I would go to church and then return home to my grandparents arriving and my dad making a feast of oyster stew, buffalo wings and steamed shrimp."

"We take a family trip to somewhere nice and eat a lot of chocolate!"

"Here in the southern hemisphere, the holiday season is usually HOT, so we need cooling down.  Our family has a long tradition of doing that with a 'white Christmas' aperitif, pre-lunch or dinner.  It’s an ice cream-based adult beverage."

In the words of author AIan D. Wolfelt, "Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate." The holidays traditionally inspire love and giving, and for us, the delicious food we eat at the holidays generates warm feelings and happy memories—all of which lead back to our love for family and friends and each other.

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