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Erasing the Stigma — Roxie Jones

With so many nutrition and weight loss plans in the market as well as fitness programs to choose from, the possibilities are endless and often confusing. Mark Yacano chats with Roxie Jones to help demystify the options and look at the best approach to better nutrition and physical health.

Roxie Jones
, the founder of BodyROX, is a trainer and fitness coach in the New York City market who has been working with fitness clients for over five years.  After moving to NYC from Illinois to study fashion, Roxie discovered a love for fitness while taking group fitness classes and has never looked back.  In addition to coaching clients with BodyROX, Roxie teaches spinning at SoulCycle in NYC, one of the top indoor spin studios in the nation, and is known for her athletic and upbeat approach to spin as well as the strong community she has built among her riders. Roxie also previously coached at Tone House, an indoor sports-conditioning boutique studio, which gave her the opportunity to coach clients in a different setting outside the spin studio and continue to grow as a trainer.

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