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A Conversation with Alex Aristides

Not everyone heads off to college with a clear view of the future, but once you have one, it’s what you do from there that matters. For Alex Aristides, his gap year allowed him to explore and determine his future would be in the law. In this episode of Millennial Murmurs, Alex chats with Nathan Peart about the steps he then took to begin down the path he’d chosen for himself. They also discuss what to prepare for now if a move abroad is in your future.

Millennial Murmurs · A Conversation w/ Alex Aristides

After completing his undergraduate degree in History at University College London, Alex Aristides decided to go see the world and spent a gap year in Hong Kong. During his year in Hong Kong, he worked full-time as a Gap Tutor at Harrow International School and traveled whenever he could. Recognizing the connection between the law systems of Hong Kong and the UK, Alex decided to give law a try and completed a legal internship at MinterEllison’s Hong Kong office. As someone who has always been set on pursuing an intellectually stimulating career, this was the perfect step for him before returning home to the UK to start law school. Back in the UK, Alex completed the GDL with a high Distinction grade and completed law programs with Forage to keep up with his progression in law. The combination of his ambitions and experiences set him on the path to accept a training contract offer with Hogan Lovells, which commences in 2023. He is currently working as a Paralegal in the Contentious Trusts team at Farrer & Co.

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