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A Conversation with Deian McBryde

Not everyone finds their way into the law immediately after their undergraduate studies. For some—like Deian McBryde—it’s a path they take later in their career.  In this episode of Millennial Murmurs, Deian shares his crazy journey from nightclub singer in New York or attorney in Albuquerque with Nathan Peart. Deian talks about adjusting to new jobs and how the key to branding yourself after a career change is to look at change as a continuation of what you’re doing and build your story from the commonalities.

Deian McBryde is a family and general practice attorney, mediator, and family law settlement facilitator. Before becoming an attorney, Deian worked in business, employee development, technology and the arts. He owned Nob Hill Yoga and Teaching School, advised large organizations through major operational and cultural transformations as a change management consultant, was an executive for a life-health insurance company, and supervised on-site adult and youth learning programs for Apple Retail in Albuquerque. Deian is also a US Air Force veteran (peacetime) and a recipient of the Air Force Commendation Medal for Meritorious Service. A native of Albuquerque's South Valley, he volunteers at legal clinics to answer legal questions for families and veterans with limited resources, and in state court to facilitate solutions for self-represented parties in domestic relations litigation.
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