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Big Legal Recruiter Offers Talent Management Expertise

Meghan Tribe AmericanLawyer.com

As law firms brainstorm more and more ways to reach and retain their younger lawyers, legal consulting giant Major, Lindsey & Africa announced Monday the launch of a new talent management consulting group specifically geared towards helping law firms and general counsel coach and manage their teams.

The endeavor, led by Major Lindsey partner and vice president Miriam Frank and managing partner Barrett Avigdor, came after two years of discussions with their clients about how to address law firm and in-house legal teams' specific needs related to the development and growth of their lawyers, extending beyond the legal consultancy's traditional role in placement.

“They're telling us they need it [and] we're seeing it out in the marketplace,” Frank said. “We're seeing continual issues about women in big law, [about] retention and how important that is, [and] dealing with new generations and multiple generations in a law firm and what that means.”

Major Lindsey's response was to put together a flexible package offering to meet the talent management needs of their clients—which include both firms and individual lawyers—that can ultimately help facilitate the growth of legal teams, both in-house and at law firms, Frank said.

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