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The Gender Pay Gap: Feelings, Facts, and Implications

Hugh A. Simons

Fully 70 percent of women equity partners believe women partners are paid less than their male counterparts for the same work or contribution to the firm. That’s not an encouraging number. It gets worse: only 9 percent of male partners1 believe such a gender pay gap exists. And worse again: among women who believe there is a gender pay gap, 94 percent believe it’s greater than 10 percent; among men who believe there’s a gap, only 60 percent believe it to be so large.

On top of this, emotions run high. In the 2018 Major, Lindsey & Africa (MLA) Partner Compensation Survey partners were asked how their firm’s leaders had discussed the possibility of a gender pay gap with partners. Here are a few of the responses; and, yes, the respondents’ genders are as you’ll guess:

  • Having spent a good bit of time in law firm management, it is clear that any bias in comp has been favorable to women in our law firm.
  • The firm has spent a disproportionate amount of money either supporting the business of, or retraining female partners who are not successful, or who do not have a profitable business model.
  • Meetings in which they deny it exists and admonish women to ‘stop complaining.’
  • Women partners raised the issue and firm leadership is giving it lip service.

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