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Weil Adds Ex-Asst. Solicitor General As Appellate Co-Chair

Amanda James LAW360.COM

Weil Gotshal & Manges LLP has brought on an experienced U.S. Supreme Court litigator and former assistant solicitor general to co-head the firm’s appellate practice, a move that could help it woo clients and win high-profile work in that prestigious, and highly competitive, space.

Zachary Tripp is based in Washington, D.C., and will lead the appellate group at Weil with New York partner Greg Silbert. As for joining the firm, Tripp said he thinks his background will help the practice grow.

“I was looking for a place where my argument experience would really help to expand their existing strengths and add some real value," Tripp said. "And I think I can help expand the Supreme Court side of the practice.”

The firm's appellate practice has experience in all types appeals courts, from state appellate courts to the U.S. Supreme Court. Though the firm has not represented a client before the High Court this term, they have filed a petition for a writ of certiorari they hope will be granted in the next few months.

Tripp worked at the Office of the Solicitor General for five years and filed more than 100 briefs at the certiorari stage. He argued 11 cases before the court and won 9 of them, according to the firm.

Earlier this year, he argued on behalf of the petitioner as amicus curiae in Mission Product Holdings Inc. v. Tempnology LLC, a trademark case involving bankruptcy, an experience he feels is most relevant to what his role at Weil will cover. The case was reversed and remanded in an 8-1 opinion.

Legal consultant Peter Zeughauser said the move will increase the clout of Weil and also its earnings potential to have the esteem of an experienced Supreme Court litigator to offer clients.

“By definition Supreme Court cases are among the most important and high profile disputes and these practices can also be highly profitable when go-to lead partners are at the top,” Zeughauser said.

Being able to offer clients confidence knowing they can entrust the firm with a case from the early stages of Supreme Court filing to the oral argument stage is also a huge boost for building the firm’s profile, according to the global practice head of legal recruiting firm Major Lindsey & Africa, Jeffrey Lowe.

“Now the firm can say, ‘See, we’ve got someone now who you can feel very comfortable with making these arguments and you can entrust us with a very high level appellate case to see it from start to finish,” Lowe said.

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