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We’re designed to deliver results and we do it a little differently. We draw upon our creative, energetic, worldwide network of expertise and access to premier talent to find the right fit for your situation. We can help you achieve your strategic goals and tactical objectives by providing highly skilled, substantive attorneys and other skilled professionals for a variety of legal staffing scenarios at a fraction of the cost.  

We identify experienced attorneys who can serve in a flexible capacity and assist with specific matters within your legal department or law firm.

We provide interim talent to augment the capacity or capability of your existing team of non-attorney professionals.

We collaborate with law departments to forge creative solutions to your process challenges.


"While we have long considered Major, Lindsey & Africa to be a leader in the legal recruiting space, we have more recently discovered their ability to source talented, contract attorneys to support projects and more targeted requirements for specialised legal expertise. These individuals have provided us with a cost-effective alternative to law firms in instances where anticipated workloads and project durations do not logically justify the hiring of a new, in-house resource."

John Albright Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary - HUB International Limited
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