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Navigating Your Staffing Challenge

We’re designed to deliver results and we do it a little differently. We draw upon our creative, energetic, worldwide network of expertise and access to premier talent to find the right fit for your situation. We can help you achieve your strategic goals and tactical objectives by providing highly skilled, substantive attorneys and other skilled professionals for a variety of legal staffing scenarios at a fraction of the cost.  

We identify experienced attorneys who can serve in a flexible capacity and assist with specific matters within your legal department or law firm.

We provide interim talent to augment the capacity or capability of your existing team of non-attorney professionals.

We collaborate with law departments to forge creative solutions to your process challenges.

A Letter to the C-Suite: What to Do When You Need to Fill a Gap on Your Legal Team July 12, 2018 What are your options when your GC leaves? How can you fill the immediate gap? Deb Ben-Canaan and Casey Feldman provide practice solutions. Read them now.  Read More
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An Alternative Approach to Legal Staffing in Portfolio Companies February 2, 2018

When a private equity firm invests in the operational and investing arms of its organization, it focuses on defining a strategic path for economic growth and efficiency.  

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Building a new line of business The art of being an intrapreneur part II: you accepted the challenge, now what? November 30, 2017 Mark Yacano offer advice to intrapreneurs who've accepted the offer to build a new practice or service line within an existing business. Read More
Building a new line of business The art of being an intrapreneur: Building your company’s next great business line November 8, 2017 Mark Yacano writes the first of a series of articles designed to offer advice to intrapreneurs willing to take the plunge and build a new practice or service line within an existing business. Read More
Healthcare Case Study Case study - Automated template contracts review September 12, 2017

Learn how our Managed Legal Services team created automated solutions that allowed business users to draft contract documents from any device.

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Modularization of complex litigation teams The eternal in-house conundrum— how to get more done for less cash September 1, 2017 There has been an on-going trend to bring more and more legal work inside the company in a commitment to ever-increasing efficiency. Read More


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