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Kristin Lyon is our Senior Manager, Head of Research. She leads a team of knowledge managers and research associates that partner in the recruitment of in-house counsel, law firm lateral partners and associates, interim legal talent and law firm management. The team harvests strategic intelligence and maintains deep institutional knowledge in order to enhance a keen understanding of legal market trends, corporate legal, privacy and compliance departments, law firms, and the top talent they seek.

Kristin is an experienced hiring strategy architect ready to assess and retool composite talent acquisition strategies and processes aligned with Fortune 500, Fortune 1,000 and leading law firm client business objectives. Kristin specializes in shoulder-to-shoulder training with the team to leverage non-traditional black matter research. She uses a strategic, consultative approach along with innovative tools, techniques and targeted knowledge gathering to aid in the continual evolution of the research and knowledge management capabilities of the entire global organization across the United States, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Prior to working with Major, Lindsey & Africa, Kristin partnered with executive search teams and Fortune 500 organizations to deliver critical human capital solutions on a global scale. She has spent the last decade plus honing her deep Web search skills to find high-caliber candidates for niche verticals. She creates, uncovers, and leverages data and deep relationships that lead to "hidden" candidates. Kristin has trusted relationships with C-suite leaders, corporate law departments and law firm hiring partners.

Previously, Kristin was the senior director of strategic sourcing at an information technology staffing firm (annual revenue of 890M+), leading a team of researchers, sourcers and recruiters. She was also a senior national trainer for AIRS for more than four years, where she aided in research curriculum design and facilitated customized human capital solution trainings for 70 percent of the Fortune 500 talent acquisitions teams; she also maintained AIRS business intelligence, competitive intelligence and knowledge management databases. Kristin was also previously a paralegal supporting the SVP, assistant general counsel and assistant secretary at a real estate investment trust – REIT (annual revenue 995M+) and a paralegal for the litigation practice of a law firm partner (later the president of the Colorado Bar Association and eventually the Honorable 2nd Judicial District Court Judge of Colorado).

The Colorado College: B.A., Biochemistry

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