Managed Legal Services

We Enable Efficiency.

Our team of seasoned professionals enables law departments and law firms to work faster and smarter. We do so by leveraging technology, process management and alternative staffing models to deliver better services. 

Each engagement is led by a senior team member who ensures that every solution is designed with an acute focus on each client’s specific needs.


Our expertise spans from helping clients understand the extent of their contractual obligations to selecting contract technology platforms, automated drafting solutions and outsourced staffing solutions.


Smart-Look Analytics™ Contract Review Services

Businesses are at risk when they lack a comprehensive understanding of their contracts.

Through Major, Lindsey & Africa’s proprietary Smart-Look Analytics™ Contract Review Services, we identify hidden dangers ranging from unknown termination and renewal dates to assumption of significant liabilities.

The Smart-Look Analytics technology uses advanced algorithms to deconstruct contracts by isolating the key terms and risk factors to expedite the contract review process while simultaneously lowering costs.

Simply stated: By combining advanced search technology with legal subject-matter experts, we perform surgically precise contract review using the best tools and the best people.

Our Smart-Look Analytics review service is particularly effective for M&A due diligence review and post-closing integration efforts. With its fixed-fee Smart-Start Contract Assessment™ offering, the Smart-Look Analytics service is also well-utilized when conducting “flash” business health audits.

Contract Management Solutions

Since many businesses lack the processes and platforms necessary to organize, manage and create commercial contracts, they cannot ensure stakeholders are getting the full value out of their contractual relationships or that their contracts are compliant with existing laws and regulations. This creates a risk for costly outcomes, such as the failure to timely renew or terminate third-party contracts or unrealized rebates.

The Managed Legal Services team ensures clients adopt best practices with respect to contract creation, storage and tracking. We assess a client’s contract management needs, using Smart-Look Analytics™ technology as needed. After the assessment is complete, our experts oversee an organized contract management system selection process, including the design and administration of an RFP.

Once a client invests in a contract management platform, our team project manages the implementation and rollout. With our decades of experience, we make sure companies select technology that meets their needs and their budget.

Automated Drafting and Right-Source Staffing Solutions

Time is money, and time is finite. The speed at which legal teams turn around standard contracts, non-disclosure agreements and other documents directly impacts how quickly clients can execute on their core business.

We understand this and work with clients and third-party technology providers to design solutions that automate the creation of high-volume, low-risk documents. When appropriate, such solutions allow employees to create many documents without involving the legal team.

Using both long- and short-term skilled legal professionals, we build talent solutions that work interdependently with our clients to handle the right types of legal work faster, better and less expensively. Ultimately, our clients have the time to perform the more complex, higher-risk work so productivity increases, morale improves and the business moves faster.

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