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Please enter the names of the firms you are considering.
Step 2 of 3 Factors to Consider

Below are 10 factors to consider when evaluating potential firms. The objective of this step is to have you decide how important each of these factors is to YOU when evaluating firms. For example, ask yourself, “How important is the Prestige of the firm I am working for?” Then choose one of the options for each factor.

Step 3 of 3 Firm Strength Rankings

Assign a strength ranking to each factor for each firm. For example, if you think a firm you are considering has low Prestige, click the “Low” button for that firm. Your Major, Lindsey & Africa recruiter can be extremely helpful to you in this step. Please note that you are not required to assign a strength ranking to any factor you said was “Not Important”.

Final Results
Below are the final scores for each of the firms you are considering. These scores were derived using weighted scores for each of the factors considered in Step 2 and the strengths you assigned to each factor in Step 3. FINAL SCORES
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