International Women's Day


Bold Action Makes the World a Better Place

At Major, Lindsey & Africa, we work each and every day to advance women into the highest ranks of the legal profession. For anyone that has ever worked with us, you know that we consider every search a diversity search as diversifying a team and an organization as a whole is good for the profession and for society. We believe in advancing women in the legal profession and tout many bold women within our own ranks all around the world. For this International Women’s Day, we are showing our support and speaking out about how we can be—and are—bold for change. 

But what does it take to be bold?


“A bold action is about stepping up to fill a void, to shine a light where there is darkness, to give voice to a need or cause and to do what others are unwilling or incapable of doing. In industries and professions that are male dominated, sometimes it takes bold action to simply assert your presence in the room.  Bold action does not have to be about initiating some big momentous change.  It takes a willingness to defy norms and standards and a commitment to move beyond that in pursuit of a greater good.” –Alisa Tazioli

“Bold action for me means: being straightforward, speaking the truth and knowing your own mind, not because I am woman, but because I am who I am.” –Tanja Albers

What conditions are necessary to enable bold action?


 “The only condition necessary for ‘bold’ action is open minds. Men and women alike need to drive change, but if it falls on deaf ears, we stay stagnant.”  –Debbie Tang

“To take bold action, you need support from like-minded people and a strong belief in what you stand for and believe in.” –Olivia Seet

 What are the consequences of bold action?


“The only consequences are change and progress.” –Merle Vaughn

“Congruency with your beliefs about yourself and what you have to offer and give to others; there is a sense of peace gained from acting in an authentic and honest way.” –Andrea Bricc

What are some of the bold actions we’ve taken and are taking? 


“I always take junior woman to client meetings, to train them, to show them, to mentor them.” –Tanja Albers 

“I take bold action every day in maintaining my commitment to our firm diversity initiative. I also mentor and encourage younger women to take risks and develop through education. I am not afraid to speak up for others when necessary. Being bold is a choice that is not for the faint of heart.” –Merle Vaughn

“Having served on the Executive Committee for the Las Vegas Go Red for Women Luncheon the past three years I better understand the extent and how heart disease – historically seen as a man’s disease – effects women and the commitment from the women involved to raise awareness and reduce the number of women who die from it.” –Andrea Bricca

“As co-chair of the In-House Counsel Forum for the Women’s Bar Association of Washington, D.C., I have helped put together panels that bring together female law firm partners and female in-house attorneys.  Very often women do not ask each other for business.  We intend to change this!” –Debbie Tang

“At work, I mentor a younger female recruiter through our mentoring program, providing guidance and support as she acclimates to life as a recruiter. Outside of work, I work with women who have been victims of domestic violence to get a job by getting them interview ready (e.g., helping with CV, interview tips, where to look for jobs, etc.).” –Olivia Seet 

“There are so many opportunities for women to be bold in their professional and personal lives.  I feel like I can make the greatest impact by supporting other women in their desire to be bold in some way and take charge. Conversations about how to ask for a raise or salary negotiations, participating in civic organizations and discussion forums where social policy and community issues are at stake, joining hands with other women to participate in causes that I care about – there is so much to do!!” – Alisa Tazioli

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