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Erasing the Stigma — Rachel Fry (A Year of COVID)

Within a law firm, the COVID-induced remote working environment and isolation have created varying challenges for all levels of lawyers. Mark Yacano sits down with Dr. Rachel Fry to discuss the toll COVID has taken on lawyers from junior associates struggles to transition into practice to older associates extreme burn out. She shares her observations and encourages lawyers to get passed the stigma and seek help.

Dr. Rachel Fry
has over 13 years of experience working as a clinical psychologist in private practice. She works primarily with adolescents and adults, specializing in anxiety, depression, and relationship issues. Dr. Fry started her practice at Pitts and Associates and remained there for 5 years. At Pitts, she conducted individual, couple and family therapy. In 2011, she opened her own practice. As a result of becoming a wife and mother while building her practice, Dr. Fry has become passionate about helping clients create strong family foundations, build better relationships and manage a healthy work/life balance.

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