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Erasing the Stigma — Niti Nadarajah

A simple “How are you doing?” changed Niti Nadarajah’s mental health journey. With that one question, she realized the answer was “not good” and began the process of letting go. Niti talks to Mark Yacano about the personal challenges she’s faced, why she began telling her story on LinkedIn and why trying to always look busy can be detrimental to your well-being.

As the head of the legal team for Philip Morris in Australia and the Pacific Islands and member of the local management team, Niti Nadarajah advises on a variety of legal issues in a heavily regulated environment, often having to balance legal risk with reputational and strategic considerations. 

She is an advocate for a range of issues at work, from mental health to flexibility, gender equity and authentic and inclusive leadership. She has also started using her voice to advocate for these and other issues such as pregnancy loss, DEI in all its forms, and changing the old-school culture of the legal profession on LinkedIn and Clubhouse, in the hope that her voice, and her stories, might just make a difference.

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