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Erasing the Stigma — Taylor Welsh

Working from home and having the gym closed has left many of us sedentary and unmotivated. But even without access to the equipment or space available at a gym, you can make your space and materials in your home work within your workout. Taylor Welsh, CEO of Walker Tracker, shares with Mark Yacano creative tools you can use to get moving and practical advice for structuring fitness into your day. She also explores resources available on the Internet to keep you physically and mentally healthy.

Taylor Welsh is the CEO of Walker Tracker, a technology platform that drives employee well-being through activity and wellness challenges, social connection, and insightful data

Taylor earned a degree in Community Health and started her career in fitness education. She quickly realized the need to lower the barriers to entry for many populations and to create a supportive and inclusive space around health behavior change. This passion led Taylor to Walker Tracker, which aims to do just this: build an accessible community that is fun, inviting, and educational.

With over 10 years of experience in corporate and community wellness, Taylor has worked with Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, community organizations, and health plans across the globe to design successful wellness initiatives. She believes that employee well-being is mission critical for any organization and is passionate about healthcare equity.

Additionally, Taylor serves on the board of The Street Trust, a nonprofit working to promote and improve active transportation and public transit Oregon.

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