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Female Partner Salaries Lagging Behind


MINNEAPOLIS, MN -- A recent survey of law firm partners across the country showed notable gaps in pay between men and women law partners — but also that the Twin Cities overall pays partners far less than in many larger markets.

This bi-annual survey, by Maryland-based legal search firm, Major, Lindsey & Africa, showed that the average compensation nationwide for male partners is $959,000, while female partners only earn $627,000 on average.

The study also found that Minneapolis has the lowest average compensation for law firm partners at $593,000 — less than half of the average compensation in New York, $1.45 million.

But according to a legal recruiter from Major, Lindsey & Africa’s Minneapolis office, the survey results shouldn’t be cause for alarm.

“The results of the survey when it comes to Minneapolis aren’t surprising in the least,” said Brian McMahon, managing director of that office. “Partner compensation is overwhelmingly driven by hourly rates and hours billed. Those figures are all lower in Minneapolis. It’s not in any way a reflection on the vibrancy of this legal market.”

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