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Inside Track: NDA Lessons From Stormy Daniels | A Cold One With AB InBev's GC

Stephanie Forshee Law.com

In our latest edition: How in-house lawyers can dazzle their future bosses with their tech skills, and what legal departments can learn about NDAs from the Stormy Daniels affair. Plus, Anheuser Busch InBev’s general counsel chatted with us about his favorite beer, complicated alcohol laws and data compliance.

Do you know how to code? Well, it might not hurt to learn if you’re looking to be an in-house IP lawyer, according to a recent story by my colleague Caroline Spiezio. I asked some recruiters what other technical skills in-house lawyers need, in case you want to take some notes. (You can use an old-fashioned pen and paper, I won’t tell.)

Andrea Bricca, partner at Major Lindsey & Africa’s in-house practice group, said in the past two decades, she’s seen demand for IP attorneys with backgrounds in electrical engineering, chemistry and biological sciences. Today, she’s seeing a “new interest in an understanding of physics, especially as it relates to data and data analytics.”

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