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Law School Advice For 1Ls From Amal Clooney, Chief Justice Roberts, And Other Notable Legal Figures

Renwei Chung abovethelaw.com

By RENWEI CHUNG, Above the Law

"The system will defeat itself / Nothing stays in a steady state, it overheats and melts / It only feeds itself." — Nas

Many of you have now enrolled in your first year of law school. The books have been bought. Labor Day weekend has passed. It's time to get serious — well, for some of you anyway. For others, with just a few weeks of law school under your belt, you may have more questions than answers at this point in the semester.

In the past couple of years, I have written articles for American Bar Association's Before the Bar Blog. I warned incoming law students that their , and how they should be selfish with their schedule, but generous with their time.

In the past few years, I've also had the opportunity to interview notable figures in the legal profession and gather their advice for law students and recent graduates. I hope this article gives you the benefit of hindsight and helps you understand what is truly important during your time in what can be a very insular bubble.

Without further ado, here are some of the top tips Above the Law has gathered for law students:


"Choose a law firm where you think you will have a good mentor because a good mentor is absolutely critical to having a successful career. My advice on how to choose a good mentor is to look for someone who they themselves had a good mentor.  Someone who had a good mentor is much more likely to be a good mentor themselves." — Former Managing Partner and Prolific Podcaster Richard Hsu


"Be thoughtful, deliberate and consistent about how you develop your brand and export it, whether it is writing articles, using social media, participating on panels, getting involved in your own or different outside organizations, etc. Cultivate a strong, ever-growing network of valuable relationships. Give to others as much if not more than you receive. If you focus on the "give," the "get" will follow." — Major, Lindsey & Africa Partner Sonya Som

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