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Many MD Law Firms Seek to Invest in New Technology, Survey Finds


Nearly half of respondents in the latest Daily Record-MSBA Maryland Lawyers Confidence Index Survey said their firms planned to invest soon in new technology. The second-quarter survey had 258 respondents, down from 354 in the first quarter of 2019.

Forty-five percent of respondents in the second quarter said they planned to invest in new technology in the next three months, a 4 percentage point jump over last quarter.

Plans to invest in new technology were seen primarily in firms that employ more than 16 attorneys.

“Larger firms have been investing in technology for years, so that doesn’t surprise me at all,” said Randi Lewis, a Maryland-based recruiter with Major, Lindsey & Africa, a worldwide attorney search firm. “It is a must-have for firms of most sizes to keep up with technology so that they can streamline their processes and add greater value to their clients.”

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