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Prepping Your Resume for a GC Job Hunt

Katelyn Polantz corpcounsel.com

Two recent lawsuits brought by contract attorneys seeking overtime pay have gotten the attention of law firms and staffing agencies, some of whom are changing hiring practices to avoid the issue of overtime. Landing a general counsel job can be quite a feat. Recruiters say a critical part of the hiring process is a well-crafted resume.

"You should aim to "show that you're a leader and not a doer," says legal recruiter Deborah Ben-Canaan of Major, Lindsey & Africa.

Get to the point

It's also crucial that a resume illustrate why you're right for the job without being too long. Recruiters and HR departments often spend very little time initially looking over resumes, meaning you have only a brief window in which to show you're right for the job. So there needs to be a "balance between articulating your successes and showing that you recognize what's important," Ben-Canaan explains.

"Sometimes, people continue to add on to old resumes as opposed to taking a different look at their resume when applying for a general counsel job," she says. But the ";most important thing is to be thoughtful about the resume you put together for a particular position."

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