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What's Next: Pushing Back Against The Long Arm of the Law Over DNA + SEC Finally Issues Its Securities Guidance


Welcome back for another week of What’s Next, where we report on the intersection of law and technology. Today, we look at how the FBI’s use of an online genealogy research website has raised a host of concerns over DNA privacy, and what’s being done to address it. We also have an update on last week’s Q&A with Fenwick & West’s Mike Dicke since the SEC issued its securities guidelines mere hours after we sent the newsletter. We also have a look at the techie hiring trends in the legal field.

With blockchain, cryptocurrency and other technological innovations becoming an ever-greater part of the financial industry (JP Morgan recently announced it has introduced its own digital currency for internal use), more law firms are looking to snatch up lawyers with expertise in these areas. Major, Lindsey & Africa managing partner Brian Burlant, who recruits for firms and in-house, told us recently that it’s hard to keep up with the demand for attorneys who are knowledgeable about these emerging fields, in addition to digital privacy.

“What I am seeing in blockchain and crypto is that firms are cautiously making forays into this space, feeling out for talent, trying to assess where are the trends from their clients coming, so it is very much a work in progress and everyone expects the weight of business to increase,” Burlant said.

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