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The Legal Navigator 2020: Issue 5

This edition of The Legal Navigator touches on exploring passion and building a legacy—whether creating something from the ground up or embracing an existing organization’s vision. In our cover feature with David Djaha, managing partner of Ropes & Gray, he shares how he found his way to Ropes & Gray and how he has embraced the culture, the friendships and the values of the firm—and is carrying them on. John Cashman then re-enforces David’s message in To Lead, explaining how believing and living your purpose is key to creating a legacy. In 360, we look at what it takes the create a firm from scratch with the CEO of Avonhurst, the COO of Kindleworth and Suzy O’Keefe in London. Then in 5 Things You Didn’t Know, we learn what it’s like to lead legal in a cannabis company with dosist GC Blake Bilstad.

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