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Advisory Services

Helping Your Team Excel at the Business of Law.

The Advisory Services group provides your team members with the feedback, guidance and structure that they need to excel as business partners through a unique and proven combination of consulting, talent development and technology assessment.

With decades of experience, our consultants partner with law departments and law firms to reimagine how they work and improve the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of their teams.

Expert Guidance

The Advisory Services team of experienced consultants, made up of former practicing lawyers, general counsel, in-house consultants and law firm partners, creates custom designed solutions specific to each client’s particular needs and culture. We immerse ourselves in your organization to provide you with guidance uniquely formulated for your needs. Communicating with both candor and sensitivity, we adopt a straight-forward approach that makes it easy for you to implement changes to improve performance and results.

Strategic Talent Development

Talent is the backbone to an organization’s success. When the right people are in the right roles and operating at their optimal performance levels, an organization can produce its best results. We can help hone a legal team and its individuals’ skills through our coaching, consulting and assessment services.

New Leader Support & Integration Program

Maximizing the positive impact of a new general counsel or other senior leaders in the first several months of their tenure.

Leadership Development & Coaching

Helping existing, new or aspiring leaders develop skills, behavioral characteristics and leadership qualities by employing a variety of competency frameworks.

Business Acumen & Trusted Advisor Development

Helping lawyers use their legal expertise and business insights to optimize their partnership with clients.

Culture Consulting

Team culture influences productivity, ethical decision-making, employee engagement and the ability of the team to attract and retain good talent. We help leaders to envision, create and sustain team cultures that foster high-performance, strong team affiliation and ethical decision-making.

Organizational Design & Operations

Over time, organizational structures can fall out of sync with the needs of the business or the market. We take an inquiry-based approach unique to each client and recommend adjustments that will enable a more agile, smoothly functioning legal team—improving overall coverage, compliance and client satisfaction.

Organizational Assessment

Measuring the maturity level of a department’s processes to determine current and desired state, employing qualitative and quantitative indicators for a complete diagnosis.

Organizational Design

Leveraging current-state analysis to build a roadmap for the success of the legal department and recommending changes that can enhance the department’s strategic value by optimizing cost, quality and efficiency.

Resourcing, Delivery & Headcount Modeling

Analyzing compliance, coverage and client satisfaction to determine the right usage of internal and external resources to improve quality and lower costs.

Technology Assessment & Selection

Collaborating with clients to develop technology plans that support corporate functions, fit within the team’s culture and meet the financial requirements as well as the legal, risk and compliance obligations of the organization.

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