Talent Management Consulting

Transforming Potential into Performance.

Every law department and law firm knows that, to be highly effective, you need the right people in the right roles, engaged and empowered to do their work to the best of their ability. The idea is simple. The execution can be difficult.

Our Talent Management Consulting team helps law departments and law firms transform the potential of their lawyers into improved performance. Our approach is customised to the needs of each client.


Led by an International Coaching Federation-certified coach with more than 35 years of experience as a lawyer, manager, consultant and coach, we offer an array of services designed to make law firms and in-house legal departments more efficient and effective.


Organisational Design

Over time, organisational structures can fall out of sync with the needs of the business or the market. We take an inquiry-based approach unique to each client and recommend adjustments, whether small or more extensive, to create a more agile, smoothly functioning legal team.

We immerse ourselves in the client’s business to first understand the status quo and where there may be opportunities for change. We consider and evaluate:

  • The team’s ability to meet current and future needs of clients
  • Work that could be done by non-lawyers, freeing up lawyer time
  • Technology solutions that can make the team more efficient

Cultural Transformation

A strong culture serves to motivate and engage people and can be an important tool for recruiting top talent. We work with in-house and law firm leaders to create a culture that best serves their needs. We help leaders to:

  • Articulate their vision for the group
  • Obtain buy-in from stakeholders within and outside the group
  • Create a communications strategy for the cultural change
  • Design and implement a plan to institutionalise the changes
  • Lead off-site meetings to drive the change process and create a stronger sense of team cohesion


Assessments are invaluable tools for organisational design, team building, coaching, succession planning and search. After a simple and convenient online process, we provide detailed insights into a wide array of areas, including work style, cultural fit, emotional intelligence and team dynamics. Our consultants are certified in a number of assessments including Hogan, Myers-Briggs, EQi 2.0 and DISC.


Our highly customised approach to coaching helps lawyers to increase their effectiveness and reach their career goals. Working closely with the individual being coached, we create a personalised program with appropriate goals and timelines while ensuring a high degree of accountability. Typical coaching clients are:

  • New general counsel and other senior lawyers transitioning into a new role
  • High potential lawyers on the leadership track
  • Individuals seeking to advance their careers

After we work together, our clients say they are more energised, more focused and better prepared to be their best.

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