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Erasing the Stigma — Dan Lukasik

Dan Lukasik, director of workplace well-being for the Mental Health Association, shares with Mark Yacano his personal experiences with clinical depression and his journey to bringing awareness and help to others in the legal profession through the creation of one of the first support groups in the country for lawyers. 

Dan Lukasik is the Director of Workplace Well-Being and oversees the Mindset program. He is a mental health advocate and practicing lawyer with 30 years of experience. Dan lectures around the country on topics of stress, anxiety and depression. In 2008, Dan created a weekly lawyer support group in his community for those who struggle with depression and a website lawyerswithdepression.com, the first website and blog of its kind in the nation, to help law students, lawyers, and judges cope with and heal from depression. Since its launch, the website has grown to serve not only those in the legal profession but anyone who struggles with stress, anxiety, and depression.  

Dan graduated from Buffalo State College with a degree in psychology and the University at Buffalo School of Law. He has been the recipient of numerous community service awards and served as chairman of the board for Compeer of Greater Buffalo.

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