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Erasing the Stigma — Gina Passarella

Issues of mental health in the legal profession have been a hot topic for ALM Media. Gina Passarella, editor-in-chief, has had a front row seat in hearing many of the stories directly from lawyers facing mental health challenges. In this episode of Erasing the Stigma, Gina discusses with Mark Yacano the findings of ALM’s Minds Over Matter project. They also chat about how COVID-19 has impacted lawyers, particularly those home with kids.

Gina Passarella is editor-in-chief of The American Lawyer. She has covered the business of law for her entire career, first as a reporter and special projects editor with The Legal Intelligencer in Pennsylvania and then as senior editor for business of law in ALM's global newsroom. She took over as editor-in-chief of The American Lawyer in January 2017. Her role has since evolved to include overseeing ALM’s global and national brands, including Law.com International, Corporate Counsel, Legaltech News, The National Law Journal and China Law & Practice. Gina connects the profound insights of ALM’s niche audience segments, building communities across the entire legal industry.

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