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Erasing the Stigma—Mark Goldstein

Accepting you have a problem is the first step and then seeking help is the next. That is exactly what led Mark Goldstein, partner at Reed Smith, to take a leave of absence from the law. When he returned, he not only felt like himself again, he decided to share his story in The American Lawyer—and now in this episode of Erasing the Stigma. Mark Goldstein shares his journey with Mark Yacano as they look at a year that has brought everyone’s cracks to the surface.


Mark Goldstein, a labor and employment partner with Reed Smith, worked through anxiety, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder – and, following a leave of absence from the firm, returned stronger than ever. He wrote three articles that were published in The American Lawyer and have positively impacted many legal practitioners undergoing similar circumstances throughout the industry.

Mark’s practice is focused on helping companies in New York and around the world manage their workplace needs. To that end, Mark advises clients on a variety of day-to-day and also big-picture workplace issues. These issues include policy and handbook development; risk assessment and litigation avoidance; compliance with and overseeing anti-discrimination/harassment and other equal employment opportunity laws; wage and hour compliance; conducting internal investigations of sexual harassment and other allegations; hiring, discipline, discharge, reduction-in-force, and restructuring decisions; providing workplace training to managers and human resource professionals; enforcement of non-competes and other restrictive covenants; drafting employment, independent contractor, separation, confidentiality, and other workplace-related agreements; government audits and investigations; and a wide variety of other employment issues. Mark was also one of the leaders of a team of Reed Smith employment lawyers that, even before COVID-19 became national news, began looking into the workplace-related implications of the virus. Mark has therefore guided countless clients through COVID-19-related workplace issues over the past several months.


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