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Firms Compete to Pique Interest of Millennial Associates

Dentons US LLP has unveiled an innovation acceleration program rewarding associates who do pioneering work in their practice, marking the next phase in law firms attempting to entice millennial talent.

The program, launched Friday, allows associates to receive billable hours credit for time they spend working on pilot projects, such as using artificial intelligence in document review or exploring work flow automation.

Junior lawyers in particular are looking for ways to advance the practice of law beyond their client work, said Dentons US managing partner Mary G. Wilson.

Jennifer Henderson, a legal recruiter at Major Lindsey & Africa, said the program is the first of its type she's seen.

"That type of change that makes work more interesting and makes it feel to lawyers that they have a sort of stake in the work and personal fulfillment I think is really important," Henderson said. "And I think it's just the beginning."

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