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How to Get a Job In Another State

Jess and her husband want to move from New Jersey to North Carolina. There’s one problem, though. Jess needs to find a job before she moves. But, how is she supposed to find a job in North Carolina if she lives 500 miles away? With advice from employment experts, here are thirteen tips on how to get a job in another state.

To begin your job search, use LinkedIn, Indeed and Glassdoor

With sites like LinkedInIndeed and Glassdoor, you can start your job search from the comfort of your couch. Jessica Vargas, Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition at Horizon Pharma, recommends updating your LinkedIn profile “to ensure that your experiences accurately reflect the opportunities you are seeking.”

LinkedIn provides a way for you to research companies, and it enables companies to find you. According to Maureen Albright, Managing Director of Interim Legal Talent, recruiters use LinkedIn to send messages through “inmail.” Albright explains, “It’s a non-invasive way for recruiters to reach people about job opportunities.”

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