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Lawyers Confidence Survey Shows Declining Faith in the Economy


This is the latest installment of The Daily Record’s Maryland Lawyers Confidence Index, a confidential survey of private attorneys in the state sponsored by the Maryland State Bar Association that explores their views on the economic factors influencing their practices. If you’d like to participate in our next survey, please sign up. Also, dive deep into our data visualizations of the results of this survey.

Maryland attorneys feel less confident about the overall economy than they did in early 2019, according to the results of the latest Daily Record-MSBA Maryland Lawyers Confidence Survey. The third-quarter survey had 290 respondents, up from 258 in the second quarter but down from 354 in the first quarter of the year.

The number of lawyers who felt confident about the overall state of the economy declined from 58% in the second quarter to 42% in the third quarter.

“Firms are cognizant of the political climate and how that may impact the economy – they’re bracing for an economic downturn,” said Randi Lewis, a recruiter at Major, Lindsey & Africa, a worldwide attorney search firm with an office in Baltimore. Lewis said she drew her conclusion from conversations with partners and leaders in the area’s law firms.

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