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Major, Lindsey & Africa to Offer Legal Talent Management Consulting

Hanover-based legal search firm Major, Lindsey & Africa has launched a legal talent management consulting arm.

The new program, led by Miriam Frank, a partner and vice president, gives lawyers and legal teams customized consulting services designed to increase performance, productivity and engagement.

"We take a highly customized and client-centric approach to determining the project scope, developing a project plan and producing deliverables that will lead to the desired results for the individuals, team and organization involved," Frank said in a statement. “More than ever, lawyers need to be nimble in adapting to the changes and demands of business. An investment in legal talent management consulting can provide an essential competitive edge."

For individual lawyers, the team will provide coaching and assessment services, the firm said. The focus for legal teams and their leaders is on organizational design and development and building a team culture that both attracts and retains top talent, the firm said.

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