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MD Lawyers Confidence Index: Large Firms Optimistic About Hiring

Attorneys at larger law firms in Maryland are more optimistic about hiring in the coming months compared to their peers at smaller firms according to the latest Maryland Lawyers Confidence Index survey.

Among the survey’s 600-plus respondents who work at a firm with 41 or more lawyers, 75 percent agreed their firm plans on hiring additional attorneys in the next three months. By comparison, only 25 percent of respondents at firms with 2 to 15 attorneys agreed with that statement, while 53 percent shared that sentiment at firms with 16 to 40 lawyers.

The sentiment toward hiring at the larger firms is reflective of the larger legal market, said Randi Lewis, managing director at global attorney consultancy firm Major, Lindsey & Africa.

“From what I am seeing now, there’s a lot of activity in the market from larger firms,” Lewis said. “There’s also activity at the partner level, which is common generally but particularly this time of year.”

The first quarter is busy with hiring activity because attorneys, especially those at partner level, have gotten their bonuses and “know what their compensation is going to be in 2018,” Lewis said. Those lawyers are in a position to decide whether to stay at  their firm or take an offer at another shop that works better for their practice, Lewis said.

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