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More Tech, More Problems: The Downsides to Millennial Attorneys Working Remotely

Victoria Hudgins LAW.COM

Most millennial attorneys are adopting technology that allows them to work remotely. But some observers caution that the easy accessibility of tech could lead to burnout and mental illness among current and future lawyers.

Working remotely is on the rise in the legal industry as law firms take cues from their clients in offering flexible work arrangements. Millennial attorneys entering the workforce represent a significant pivot in how law firms and departments allow lawyers to use technology.

“Millennials came of age without cellphones but came up professionally with cellphones,” said Shannon Murphy, a managing director of MLA Global who consults with Am Law firms. She also noted that Generation Z, who were born after 1996 and aren’t quite in the legal profession yet, but are filling law schools, show no sign in slowing down in working remotely. “They don’t know another way and are very comfortable connecting digitally.”

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