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Slowdown in White-Collar Work Forces Law Firms, Ex-Prosecutors to Adapt

Jack Newsham LAW.COM

The well-oiled revolving door between prosecutors’ offices and elite law firms’ white-collar practices has been spinning a bit more slowly lately, some legal industry observers say.

The slowdowns in white-collar enforcement activity and litigation more broadly have coincided with diminished hiring demand from law firms, said law firm recruiters, with some exceptions for lawyers focused on the tech industry. Meanwhile, some traditional white-collar defense attorneys are shifting their practices to focus on other areas.

Two recruiters said it has gotten tougher out there for prosecutors who are looking to join the defense bar, at least in the New York City area.

Firms are still hiring, but Jeff Liebster, a recruiter at Major, Lindsey & Africa, said they are being more choosy in the white-collar arena. “Firms are not building benches. Firms are responding to strategic needs,” he said.

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