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The Larger the Legal Department, the More Likely It's Using Tech

Victoria Hudgins LAW.COM

A corporate legal department’s head count correlates to its tech adoption rate, according to a new report by the Association of Corporate Counsel.

Last week the ACC released its 2019 “Global Legal Department Benchmarking Report,” which compared corporate legal departments’ staffing, outside counsel spending and technology usage. The report, which was done in partnership with Major, Lindsey & Africa and surveyed 508 legal departments from 30 countries, found that less than half of respondents are using legal technology.

But ACC associate vice president of legal management services Catherine Moynihan noted that the report’s “surprisingly low adoption rate of technology across legal departments, when we look deeper into the data, is a function of most legal departments being quite small [between] one to four lawyers.” She added, “There is actually very high adoptions of all these types of technologies in the larger companies and legal departments.”

Specifically, the report found that e-signature (44%), contract management (41%) and document management (38%) were the top three tools used by corporate legal departments. Moynihan said she thinks those technologies will remain a “fundamental” tool across all legal departments because they are critical to their larger priority of knowledge management and efficiency.

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