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What's Hot, What's Not: National Practice Trends 2019


National legal industry experts highlight legal practice trends and comment on how Wisconsin lawyers can seize on opportunities, self-assess, and determine where to put their time and energy to build momentum in 2019.

The gales of change continue to buffet the legal profession in this increasingly digitalized post-Great Recession era. Attorneys and law firms must gallop to keep pace with the latest in areas such as business development, meeting client needs, talent recruitment, succession planning, and technology and cybersecurity.

On Recruiting Legal Talent: Ryan Whitacre, Major, Lindsay & Africa:

  • Lawyers: Think broadly about your careers. Seek out business development and leadership training – even at an early stage – and continue to hone such skills as you progress in seniority.
  • Firms: Expand judiciously. This means exploring the lateral partner market but with a commitment to integrate any newcomers. And integration should be recognized as a years-long process to fully assimilate such partners or groups, so they can effectively cross-sell their new firm.
  • Corporate law departments: Exercise your buying power. This will enable you to seek greater efficiency and diversity from outside firms. Corporate departments also should continuously run calculations as to whether there is more value to bringing such services in house with either a full-time or part-time hire.


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