The Smarter Legal Model

Major, Lindsey & Africa Offers the Definitive Performance Improvement Process.

Major, Lindsey & Africa’s Transform team uses The Smarter Legal Model to objectively define, measure and analyze the unique challenges of your department, law firm or personnel. 

Sample improvements include workflow process, make vs. buy, fee structures, technology, legal supply chain, intelligent RFPs, team scaling and alignment, and change resistance

Since 2007, The Smarter Legal Model™ has been recognized as the definitive performance improvement process consistently proven to:

  • Reduce legal costs.
  • Lessen litigation volume.
  • Improve compliance.
  • Increase client satisfaction.
  • Maximize talent potential and organizational efficiency.
  • Replace the firm–client tension with a “win-win” relationship.

In fact, The Smarter Legal Model has been applied by more than 250 legal departments and law firms around the world.

Adapting world-class business improvement processes, such as Six Sigma, Agile and Design Thinking, the model pioneered large-scale law firm panel convergence, disaggregated legal work, developed bonus fee incentive structures and drove value through objective metrics.


Trevor Faure

Founder and Author of The Smarter Legal Model

Trevor Faure, president of the Global General Counsel Academy, advises law firms, general counsel, Fortune 500 legal departments, compliance professionals and legal support services on organization, transformation, performance improvement, data analytics, compliance, supply chain, cost optimization/reduction, risk management and regulation.

The creator of The Smarter Legal Model, he applies world-class behavioral and economic transformation techniques to help organizations improve their business performance and streamline operations to be more effective and efficient.


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