Energy & Natural Resources

The Energy and Natural Resources industries are evolving quickly and are among the most critical to global development. The ongoing demand in the United States, United Kingdom and the European Union as well as the reality that natural resources are finite has shifted the industry's focus beyond the existing fossil fuel infrastructure to renewable energy resources and created new opportunities in the market. The U.S. decision to allow oil exports and OPEC's increased production combine to make the energy business both dynamic and volatile. Collectively, these forces are increasing the demand for skilled lawyers whose knowledge and skills extend beyond the legal department.

Our Experience

Our Energy and Natural Resources team is well-versed in the needs and demands of these industries having placed general counsel and other in-house attorneys across all sectors, including upstream, downstream, midstream, services and equipment, utilities and alternative companies, and in markets around the world, including the Middle East, Africa, United Kingdom and European Union. We understand the legal and business challenges facing these organizations and focus on identifying talent that can navigate the changing landscape.

Navigating the Market

Our legal search consultants are experienced professionals with deep knowledge of the oil and gas, power and utilities, chemicals, mining and forestry industries. They follow the trends in the market and the corresponding legal issues, which keeps them connected to industry leaders and able to provide knowledgeable assessment of legal talent. We also understand that the needs and structure of each organization is unique, and we have a proven track record of providing strategic advice to Energy and Natural Resources organizations as they look to build, develop or restructure their legal departments.


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