Hospitality & Gaming

The Hospitality and Gaming industries are service-focused segments where customer experience and loyalty are key. To maintain a high standard of service, organizations in these business lines need similarly customer service-oriented individuals who have expertise in a highly regulated environment and are adaptable in an expanding market. Human capital is the single largest expense faced by operators in the hospitality industry, while employee turnover in these industries is nearly double other industries, making finding the right talent even more imperative.

Our Experience

At Major, Lindsey & Africa, we are dedicated to providing world-class service to our clients just as they provide to their guests. Our Hospitality and Gaming team helps our clients identify service-focused individuals who are industry experts or can easily transition into the sector from other industries. We advise some of the world's most valuable brands, among them the global leaders in hospitality and gaming including Hilton, Caesars, Starwood, Wynn, Aristocrat and IGT. We are uniquely equipped to handle your global needs, having performed legal searches across the United States, Europe and Asia, and small enough to be flexible to serve your individual requirements on a local level.

Navigating the Market

Our legal search consultants are experienced Hospitality and Gaming legal leaders who have worked in the sector. They are on the ground, living at the epicenters of the industry and count executives in the industry as their friends and neighbors. They understand technology and how it is redefining hospitality and gaming, making them able to bring in legal talent from other industries who can easily adapt and excel.


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