Managed Legal Services

Custom Solutions to Your Process Management

We examine your current contract management process and design an efficient, effective solution to set you on the right course:

Managed Legal Services
Contract Management Assessment

We review your contract management process and identify risks, needs and opportunities for improved efficiencies.

Law Firm
Right-Sourced Staffing

We identify specialized talent who can address your unexpected challenges that arise through our assessments.

Intelligent Drafting

We pair subject-matter experts with best-in-breed technology to improve your contract drafting and negotiating processes.

Legal Talent Assessment
Technology Selection & Implementation

We identify a contract management technology solution that fits your needs well into the future and ensure successful adoption.


"Major, Lindsey & Africa saved us a great amount of time, effort and money while assisting in our search for a contract management system (CMS). They helped select and coordinate the scheduling of vendors to come on site for demos, assisted in negotiating price and terms with our chosen vendor and assisted with the implementation of our new CMS. Major, Lindsey & Africa provided a great service that was very beneficial to our bottom line and to having a CMS implemented in a short period of time."

Alexandra Sweet Bayer, J.D. Contracts Manager, Legal - Prothena Biosciences Inc.

"While we have long considered Major, Lindsey & Africa to be a leader in the legal recruiting space, we have more recently discovered their ability to source talented, contract attorneys to support projects and more targeted requirements for specialized legal expertise. These individuals have provided us with a cost-effective alternative to law firms in instances where anticipated workloads and project durations do not logically justify the hiring of a new, in-house resource."

John Albright Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary - HUB International Limited
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