Managed Legal Services

Managed Legal Services

The Managed Legal Services Team provides consulting and bespoke solution design services to a broad cross-section of organizations—from start-ups with fewer than 10 employees to the Fortune 500. We analyze your organization's current state and then design service delivery models that optimize resources and create improved efficiency. Each solution is tailored to the client's specific needs through a creative mix of process design, technology and outsourced professionals that will improve legal and compliance departments' operations and core functions. By working with our Managed Legal Services Team, your core team is able to focus on the substantive work they were hired to perform.

We offer assistance with:

  • Contract Management Consulting Services — Contracts are the heart of any business. They need to be maintained in an organized fashion and these practices must be evaluated regularly to stay current and effective. Our Managed Legal Services Team audits your current contract management process, assesses business and legal risk, evaluates any technology that is currently in place and reviews your team structure. Based on your organization's needs and resources, our specialists will design workflow, standardized processes and technology solutions that will enable your organization to mitigate business and legal risk.
  • Contract Creation Services — Some organizations have high volumes of transactional and other contract work that prevent their full-time team members from focusing on more complex matters. Our Managed Legal Services Team builds teams of experts—including seasoned attorneys, paralegals and other professionals—to relieve your internal law department from drafting extensive, repetitive contracts and other documents. Those teams deliver significant value to your organization's business units by blending technology and advanced workflows to result in accelerated and more consistent contract creation.
  • Pre- and Post- Acquisition Diligence Services — When organizations make acquisitions, they need to understand the contractual obligations and potential areas of legal and business risk associated with those obligations. Our Managed Legal Services Team can create centralized diligence repositories, using subject-matter expertise and advanced analytical tools to quickly and effectively manage the due diligence process. Post-acquisition integration requires an effective process to reconcile contractual commitments, language and terms between the acquiring and acquired companies. Using the same blend of seasoned people and analytical technology, our professionals can expedite the post-acquisition integration process leading to prioritization, simplification and streamlining resulting in fewer handoffs and consistent enforcement.
  • Obligations Management — Effective contract management must ensure all parties understand their respective contractual obligations. We advise clients on how to properly track and manage contractual obligations by leveraging their contract management system (CMS) and to implement notifications that track the agreed upon requirements and give greater visibility into timelines. We also can help design robust reporting as a standalone or embedded solution within the CMS, which will improve cost recovery.


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