3 Red Flags With Potential Lateral Hires

Source: Law360

By Christine Powell

For law firms, welcoming lateral partners ideally means boosts in business, stronger practice groups and increased client satisfaction.

But if firms aren't careful about who they choose to bring on, it can instead mean wasted time, effort and money, and unhappy partners and associates desperate to flee.

Here, legal industry experts share three red flags that should make firms question a potential lateral hire’s caliber.

They Change Firms Frequently

A firm should take note if "someone has done the bunny hop, if they're a frequent flier,” said Jon Lindsey, a founding partner of Major Lindsey & Africa LLC.

A candidate who has changed firms several times should have very compelling explanations for each move, experts said, or firms risk wasting their resources on someone who is unlikely to stay put for very long.

"There are some people who are just chronically unhappy, and wherever they go, they're going to be leaving at some point," Lindsey said.

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