3 Ways Firms Bring Out The Worst In Attorneys

Source: Law360

By Aebra Coe

Some law firms fail to promote collegiality through their policies and management, instead infusing venom into the relationships between their attorneys and dealing a fatal blow to firmwide harmony and productivity.

Finding a balance between fierce competition and productive collaboration among lawyers can be a precarious task for firm leaders, as interpersonal surprises pop up and envy, enmity and discontent strike at their attorney ranks, caused by nothing other than misguided management decisions.

Here, legal industry experts reveal the three biggest ways law firms unintentionally cultivate discord.

Peter Ocko, a managing partner of Major, Lindsey & Africa LLC, said the same is true for partners.

"With nonequity ranks shrinking and the bar for equity progressively higher, hostility can arise when origination and credit systems don't evolve to meet the challenges of partners working to grow their own practice," Ocko said. "Harmony rules and dollars flow when more feel like stakeholders than employees or competition."

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