5 Reasons to Insource E-Discovery

Source: Legaltech News

While outsourcing can lower costs and remove tech-related complexities, there are ways to bring the same benefits via insourcing.

By Ian Lopez

Along with the potential expediency and accuracy that can result from tech adoption come concerns over costs and the skills needed to oversee and implement solutions. Thus, when it comes time to bring new, tech-enabled methods in-house, many companies and firms outsource their processes, finding this route may save the headaches typically associated with overseeing new solutions and processes.

1. There's room to "start small, then expand"

As Mark Yacano, global practice leader of managed legal services at Major, Lindsey & Africa, previously explained to Legaltech News, "Many companies that have invested in processing and hosting technology still do not have the scale to manage very, very large matters."

2. Taking discovery in-house allows you to “follow the money"

Finances are often a driver when it comes to implementing discovery solutions. Yacano said that when it comes to in-house processing e-discovery data, cost is "always the issue," as often, companies "do not have e-discovery vendor management programs in place."

"As a result, there are no economies of scale and a lot if disparate pricing models,” Yacano said." Without a good preferred vendor management program in place, cost-control is difficult, and implementation of standardized best practices is a challenge."

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