Best Cities for Partners to (Happily) Make Big Bucks

By Vivia Chen, The Careerist

The cliché is that money can’t buy you love. That might be true, but in the world of Big Law, it can buy you at least a modicum of satisfaction.

One reason that Big Law partners seem pretty happy, according to the Major, Lindsey & Africa survey on partner compensation, is that 2016 was a jolly good year for making dough. As MLA notes, “Unlike 2014, which showed wide positive and negative swings in partner compensation among cities, 2016 saw increases in every city with the exception of Philadelphia.” (Poor Philly.)

That said, cities where partners make big bundles of money don’t necessarily rank the highest on the satisfaction scale. But hold that thought. First, here are the top 10 cities (or areas, in the case of Silicon Valley) based on average total partner compensation for 2016:

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