Changing Companies, Top GCs Score Big Pay Days

Source: Bloomberg Law

By Blake Edwards

Before publishing a list last week of 30 of America's highest-paid GCs, a couple of companies let us know their particular figures were inflated because the GC was in transition.

Former Hertz GC Thomas Sabatino, for example, ranked fourth on our list with an $11.6 million pay package in 2015, despite Hertz being ranked number 269 on the latest Fortune 500 list.

"One hundred thousand isn't that high," said Bob Graff, a legal recruiting partner at Major, Lindsey, Africa. "It depends on whether they agree to buy his house."

Graff explained that companies, in addition to paying moving expenses and real estate commissions, will sometimes pay a relocation company to buy the house the GC is leaving behind, to smooth the transition.

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