Data Privacy Rules Have Big Beneficiary Lawyers

Salesforce is hunting worldwide for lawyers focused on data privacy. So is Google. Newly public Okta, a San Francisco software firm, also wants to hire a privacy-oriented lawyer. Same with cloud service Twilio.

The list goes on.

Data privacy, once a second-order subject in Silicon Valley, has rocketed to the fore thanks to a battery of new laws. Europe’s groundbreaking data-privacy rule, the General Data Protection Regulation, took effect in May and requires continuing vigilance. Last month, Sacramento lawmakers piled on with a hastily passed law called the California Consumer Privacy Act directed at companies pulling in at least $25 million in annual revenue.

Among the big winners in the scramble to comply? Lawyers and corporate information-technology firms.

Interest has surged particularly as companies implement technology such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, because many of them touch on data privacy issues, according to Brandy Russell, a managing director at Major, Lindsey & Africa, a global legal recruiting firm.

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