Flexible, driven, risk-takers

Source: Asian Legal Business

By Haky Moon

As they expand their in-house legal teams, multinationals across the Asia Pacific region are looking for lawyers with not only specific qualifications but, perhaps more importantly, soft skills that allow them to think in terms of the business and allow them to take risks – soft skills that outside counsel don't always have.

"Over the past few years, we have seen a good increase in first-time regional counsel within APAC, particularly in Hong Kong and Singapore," says Vijesh Patel, head of the in-house practice group for South Asia at legal search consultants Major, Lindsey & Africa. "As MNCs are becoming more invested and committed to the region, they now find they need to actually start creating their own in-house departments."

But not any lawyer will do. Beyond the ability to take risks, adaptability and entrepreneurship, in-house counsel also have to be comfortable dealing with multiple stakeholders. “We need someone who comes from a matrix reporting background. In any MNC, be it European or American, there won't be just one boss; instead, there will be several. Clients need someone who is familiar and comfortable with working in a highly matrixed organization," says Patel.

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